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PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Generation "Golden Era" Of Gaming According To Metacritic


PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Generation "Golden Era" Of Gaming According To Metacritic

Though we love looking forward to new game and console releases, sometimes it's good to stop and appreciate where we, as gamers, came from. After all, the only reason we're excited for something like Halo Infinite is because of all the memories we have from playing Halo with our mates late into the night in years past. Now it's been confirmed by certain statistics that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 era of gaming was probably the best - or the 'golden era' as it may come to be known.


Spotted by GameRant, FandomSpot compiled statistics from Metacritic, based on the biggest franchises we're familiar with today - and it turns out that the so-called golden era of gaming was the one that gave us the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Perhaps one day the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X years will be considered the best era for gaming because we've had some absolutely incredible games in 2021 so far...



First, the top 19 largest gaming franchises that spanned generations of consoles were chosen. These include the true goliaths like FIFA, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto. Then, FandomSpot looked at the Metacritic scores of these games and it revealed that 15 out of the 19 franchises had their best-rated games during the PS3 / Xbox 360 era, hence its new title as the 'golden era' of gaming.

Of course, there are fantastic games from any year and any console - it's not like we didn't enjoy the Xbox and PS2 years or the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 era. However, during the 360 and PS3 years we had Fallout 3, FIFA 10, Halo 3, Uncharted 2 and several Assassins Creeds, just to name some favourites. Many of us look back at those sorts of games with so much nostalgia that it's hard to deny that those gaming experiences were some of the best.

So while the golden age of arcade gaming is often said to be that late 1970s and early '80s period where gaming really grew into a global phenomenon, it could be that the home-console equivalent is rather closer to the era we're in now. But given that we can still play so many favourites of the 360 and PS3 generation, alongside titles on new-gen systems, maybe right now is the best we've ever had it? Only you can say for sure what your own 'golden age' of gaming is.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox / Sony

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Imogen Mellor
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