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xQc Says He Still Can't Stream From Home Because People Keep Breaking In


xQc Says He Still Can't Stream From Home Because People Keep Breaking In

Though there must be a lot of advantages to being one of the biggest streamers in the world, like the money, fame, and a community that has your back, there are some downsides too. It seems if you're someone like Félix 'xQc' Lengyel and you're live almost all day every day, the hours you want to do yourself will still be compromised by fans or even swattings. The Twitch star has now said that he can't even go back to his own home because of the number of break-ins that keep happening.


As Dexerto reports, the ex-Overwatch pro has spoken briefly about how he's having to keep away from his house at the moment. If you watch the streamer you may know that his current living situation has been tumultuous in recent months, moving from his home to content creator Sodapoppin's and beyond. Now he sounds exasperated with the whole situation in a recent clip from his stream.

The video shows the streamer being asked why he's moving house every two weeks and he responds, "I have to move out dude, I can't even go back to my house, man, it's not safe." He then pauses and continues: "Yeah, I don't know. Maybe if people stop showing up to the f****** house and stop f****** breaking in maybe I'd go home dude. Jesus Christ."


It sounds like he's under a lot of stress to either find a new place to live or get the home he does live in kitted out to protect himself from trespassers and swatting. It's undoubtedly annoying for someone to deal with when your home life is so heavily compromised by the actions of people who either love or hate your work. It just seems a scary part of becoming an influencer is needing to deal with this part of the lifestyle.

Featured Image Credit: Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel

Topics: Twitch

Imogen Mellor
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