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Twitch Star xQc Forced To Move After Police Raids Had Him Fearing For His Life


Twitch Star xQc Forced To Move After Police Raids Had Him Fearing For His Life

Successful Twitch streamer xQc - real name Félix Lengyel - has revealed that he's been forced to move address after a number of police raids were wrongly called to his home, reports Dexerto.


The 25-year-old former Overwatch pro has built a huge following on Twitch - his xQcOW channel followers currently sits at 5.9 million - where he plays the likes of Fall Guys and Grand Theft Auto V, alongside Blizzard's team-based shooter, naturally. In early June, Lengyel and his partner Sam (who herself streams as Adept), moved from their Texan home and into the place of another streamer, Sodapoppin. His explanation, then, was that his house was undergoing renovations.

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Now, however, Dexerto brings us an update - and it's all a little bit darker and meaner than we expected. Lengyel left his home because of doxxing, after his address was accidentally put online. He opens up about possibly moving back to Canada, as a result of the raids.

"The main reason why I wanted to move back to Canada a month ago, we were getting raided by the police station at rates that absolutely made no f*cking sense," the streamer explains. "Almost every day the police came to our house with the full squad. Because of f*cking idiots. And I was genuinely scared that I was going to die.

"It didn't make sense to me - and I just got so scared, I just wanted to go home. I just wanted to go back to Canada. And then some other stuff happened that was worse, way worse, and I was just like: I want to get the f**k out of here."


Interestingly, Lengyel adds that he and the police - who were, apparently, very professional about the repeat raids - came to an arrangement so that the doxxing activity didn't interrupt his streams.

"After the first raid, [the police] would give us a heads up, and they would clear the house," he explains. "And I found a way to remain on stream and not say anything at all. And nobody ever noticed and the streams kept on going." Whether those streams continue in the US or in Canada remains to be seen - but whatever your thoughts on a person who puts themselves in front of an audience via Twitch or any other platform, doxxing them is a pure dick move. Hopefully Lengyel and Sam find their lives rather less disturbed, soon.

In related news, Twitch seems to have moved on from hot-tub streams to something quite different; and the platform recently banned a streamer for, um, taking the mickey out of themselves. Seems a bit harsh, that.

Featured Image Credit: AJ Colores via Unsplash / xQc via Twitch

Topics: News, Twitch, Overwatch

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