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Some Genius Has Built A Working PC In A Fish Tank

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Some Genius Has Built A Working PC In A Fish Tank

You know, I think even the least tech savvy person could tell you that dunking any electronics in a tank of water probably isn’t the best idea in the world - it’s basically like the one universal golden rule. We all know someone who’s had a phone meet an unfortunate end thanks to a poorly placed toilet. 


With that in mind, you’d think it’d be a recipe for disaster to have an entire gaming PC submerged in an actual fish tank, but someone’s done it, and believe it or not, it actually works. This wild build comes courtesy of Overkill Computers, who pride themselves on crafting some incredible custom PCs. This one really takes the cake, though - it needs to be seen to be believed. 

Don’t just take it from me, check out this incredible PC being created from the ground up right here.



As well as your usual RGB lighting, this creation understandably requires a few extras that your usual PC won’t have, to make sure it still works as it should. For one, it has indium cooling pads stuck to its processor and GPU, since thermal paste doesn’t work underwater.

Instead of straight tap water, the PC is drenched in Submer 3.0 - a liquid used for immersion cooling. Since it’s non-conductive, it can’t damage the tech, making it perfect for the job - as you can see, the final result is amazing.

Now, obviously, no real fish can live in this thing at the same time. For starters, there’s not actually any water in there, and besides that, I dread to think what’d happen if a poor little goldfish got too close to those whirring fans. Let’s not dwell on that too much.


While this particular PC is a custom build, if you’re on the lookout for a new beast of a gaming machine, be sure to check out our review for Cyberpower PC’s Dual Loop Hyper Liquid PC - it might not come in a fish tank, but it’s still pretty great.

Featured Image Credit: Overkill Computers

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Catherine Lewis
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