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'GTA 5' Fans Slam "Pathetic" New-Gen Remaster, Rockstar Promises Fixes

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'GTA 5' Fans Slam "Pathetic" New-Gen Remaster, Rockstar Promises Fixes

So, uh, happy new-gen GTA V release day, I think? I can’t say that this was a release that anyone was really counting down the days for - from the very start, fans have been very sceptical, not only about whether yet another port of an eight-year-old game was necessary, but also whether or not it was really going to be as ‘expanded and enhanced’ as its descriptor at last year's PS5 showcase would suggest. 


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the answer so far seems to be a resounding no. Despite facing a fairly chunky delay, having originally supposed to release in November last year, and promising hefty improvements, such as ray-tracing and advanced haptic feedback on PS5, players really aren’t too happy with the game so far, and for a variety of reasons. 

ICYMI... check out the trailer for the new-gen port of GTA V below.



The most immediately noticeable issue is how it actually looks. It’s not so much that it looks bad, but, as we spotted in the trailers prior to release, there really isn’t that much difference when you compare it to the Xbox One and PS4 ports. As spotted by Dexerto, fans have been documenting some disappointing findings online, such as the fact that the mirrors on vehicles still don’t actually do anything - you’re going to get a dull grey void of nothingness and you’re going to like it.

Otherwise, there initially seemed to be a pretty massive problem for veteran players when it came to transferring online profiles. Also reported by Dexerto, gamers were outraged when it was revealed that if they’d already transferred their online profiles once from Xbox One or PS4 over to PC, they’d be unable to move it again to PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. 


This problem was highlighted by u/SenseMakesNone over on Reddit, who shared the response they got from Rockstar Support in response to the question, adding that they’d now be “refunding asap”. Other users in the thread were equally disappointed, calling it “straight up pathetic”. After the news began to spread, though, Rockstar posted an official statement on Twitter, which oddly implied that this was an unintentional issue rather than an actual decision, and in the past few hours have added that the problem has been resolved. 

“The issue blocking GTA Online profile migration of PS4 and Xbox One accounts that were previously migrated to PC has been addressed, and that migration is now working as intended,” they wrote. “Please note that GTA Online profiles on PC cannot be migrated to PS5 or Xbox Series X|S.” 


So, by the sounds of it, you can now migrate your profile from PC as long as it was on Xbox One or PS4 previously, but not if it was made on PC? I’ll be honest, I’m very confused about that, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. This was posted just hours ago though, and we’re still on release day, so chances are we’ll get some much-needed clarification soon. 

One relief at the very least is the pricing, as it’s way cheaper than I think anyone was expecting. For the first three months, the single-player story mode will be £8.75 on PS5, and £17.49 on Xbox. Not too bad! Not only that, but GTA Online is available for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers to download and play for the next three months, too. So, if you do want to get your hands on the new-gen edition of the game, be sure to grab it while it’s discounted.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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Catherine Lewis
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