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'GTA 5' Story Expansion Confirms What Happened To Michael

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'GTA 5' Story Expansion Confirms What Happened To Michael

Grand Theft Auto Online is finally exploring what happened to the main characters of Grand Theft Auto V, nearly eight years after we last saw Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.


Released earlier this week, The Contract is a new expansion for GTA Online that sees players team up with none other than Franklin Clinton. Fans haven't seen or heard from the character since the ending of GTA V, but the expansion confirms he's alive and well - and working to build a "client solutions" business for the rich and famous of Los Santos.


The Contract is full of fun little bits of story for fans. Lamar Davis is still hanging around and tormenting Franklin, for example. And Franklin now has kids! And something resembling a normal life! Not too shabby at all. But what of the other two GTA V leads?


If you've played GTA V to the end, you'll know Franklin is faced with a choice: kill Michael, kill Trevor, or work with them both to find a different route out of their troubles.

Fans have wondered for years which of these endings is "canon", and The Contract provides substantial evidence that Ending C (the best ending) is the one that actually happened in Rockstar's eyes.

At one point during The Contract, players will drive through a movie set in pursuit of an individual who has incurred the wrath of Dr. Dre. At one point during the chase, Franklin remarks that he knows one of producers, and that he hopes "his ass ain't at work today" (thanks, Kotaku).


This is a clear reference to our man Michael, who actually gets his dream job as a movie producer towards the end of GTA V at the exact studio players race through in The Contract. This means Michael is alive and well and living the dream in 2021, which I absolutely love to hear.

Fingers crossed we get to see him in the flesh in a future expansion for GTA Online, eh?

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