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'Halo Infinite' PC Players Can't Hit Anything, And This Is Why

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'Halo Infinite' PC Players Can't Hit Anything, And This Is Why

Are you a Halo Infinite fan? Do you play on PC? Have you found that you're not progressing through the battle pass as quickly as you'd like? If you answered "yes" to those three questions, then I've got news for you. The game's severe desync is the one to blame and 343 Industries is now looking into the issue.


"Im a bit ashamed it took me so long to realize that was happening to me [sic]," said one player on the game's subreddit underneath this video of how extreme the connection problems are. "I kept thinking, 'oh hey maybe the momentum of my dying body just carried it behind the wall but I was still somehow visible. I likely didn't die fully behind cover' too many times." I mean, it must be a relief to find out that your skill level isn't as shambolic as it seemed, though it is annoying to think that this headache has been present in Halo Infinite since the launch of its multiplayer.

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The surprise drop of the game's multiplayer mode lit up the Internet, with Halo Infinite surging to the top of the Steam charts and reigniting a love for the series among fresh faces and veteran Spartans. That isn't to say that the experience has had its moments, from the expensive custom content, rising numbers of cheaters, and a dearth of multiplayer playlists. It's only been out for a little less than a month so some of these hang-ups are forgivable. However, the desync issue has been tricking PC players into thinking that they're worse than they actually are, which might have potentially turned them off the game. Take a look at this video from Reddit user TonySoprano3000 that shows the discrepancy between the client side and the server side:

This has fortunately drawn the developer's attention to this latent problem and the team will "triage" the cause. "Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated this thread. The discussion and videos were very thorough and the steps to reproduce make it easy for us to verify the problem in retail," said senior sandbox designer Brian Berryhill. "If we can repro the issue with our latest internal builds, we'll get a bug triaged for it and start doing a deeper dive on it."

Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries

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Imogen Donovan
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