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'Hogwarts Legacy' New Gameplay Trailer Confirms A Massive Wizarding World

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'Hogwarts Legacy' New Gameplay Trailer Confirms A Massive Wizarding World

We've finally been given a thorough look at the long-awaited Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy, and it's looking like the Wizarding World adventure we've been waiting for.


The in-depth reveal trailer showed off a multitude of classes to attend, magical beasts to befriend, students to meet, dungeons to explore, and broomsticks to fly.

Enough from me! Take a look at the Hogwarts Legacy trailer below!



You'll join Hogwarts as a fifth year student, where, after creating your character and being sorted into one of the four houses, you'll attend all the classes you'd expect a budding witch or wizard to attend. Potions, charms, herbology, and even dueling all made an appearance in the trailer. The more experienced you are in these subjects, the more adept outside of the classroom you'll become. Potions, for instance, can be brewed for various boons. Those adept at Herbology can use plants in combat in various ways. Defence Against The Dark Arts, obviously, will help young students in combat.

In between classes you'll hang out in the common room where you can pick up minigames and sidequests, or explore the castle and its surrounding areas to find special dungeons, hidden treasures, and environmental puzzles. Exploration will yield new gear and components that can be used in crafting and upgrades to live your best life.


The game's story revolves around a goblin uprising for players to foil, in a plot that will see them take on dark wizards and other magical creatures infected by an ancient magic. Various enemies have their own special weaknesses and approaches to combat, so you'll need to head into battle knowing which spells and counter charms are most effective in any given situation. As you progress through the story, you'll learn more powerful skills and spell combinations for devastating effects and finishers.

Outside of the main story, there's plenty to see and do. The halls of Hogwarts have plenty to offer, of course, but you can also check out the nearby village of Hogsmede, and other smaller wizarding hamlets scattered across the world with their own puzzles and quests. A dynamic weather system and changing seasons will also ensure the world is constantly changing.

Finally, the trailer also teases the ability to "choose your own path" and be the witch or wizard you want to be - which appears to include the ability to pull off unforgivable curses. Does that mean you can walk around Hogwarts murdering students? I guess we'll see.


Hogwarts Legacy is coming Holiday 2022, so expect more information soon!

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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Ewan Moore
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