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'Horizon Forbidden West' Bugs Making It Impossible To 100% The Game

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'Horizon Forbidden West' Bugs Making It Impossible To 100% The Game

The Horizon games just can't seem to catch a break. The first, Zero Dawn, came out shortly before another open world RPG. The little known The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.


In a cruel twist of fate, Guerrilla Games have done it again. The latest game Horizon Forbidden West released to pretty glowing reviews, only to be swiftly usurped by the mighty Elden Ring. It's a shame really, because the world of Horizon is positively gorgeous, with a large number of quests to keep you occupied.

Those who haven't had a chance to check out Aloy's latest adventure can see her in action in the trailer below.



Like any game, however, there were complaints from fans. One of the biggest issues is that some areas are unable to be revisited once you've completed them. This is fine for general story progression, but for those aiming for 100% completion it's been putting them in a bit of a pickle.

As spotted by PlayStation Lifestyle, the new 1.08 patch has fixed many but not all of these issues. The studio helped with general crash and bug fixes as well as the removal of some black screens and loads. Some unintentional consequences were also changed - like those coming last on the gauntlet still receiving a win.

There are also some quality of life fixes. Aloy is no longer vulnerable when knocked to the ground, meaning that she can't be continually attacked while not being able to move. Almost all of the firegleam icons now disappear from the map once you complete them, though a few have reportedly not been fixed.


There are a few completionist goals which have been tended to as well. Many players have complained of missing data points once they leave an area they can't return to. Now, all of the datapoints unlock automatically once you leave the area. Huzzah!

The one issue that players are still left hoping for, is the ability to scan all the mechanical beasties that inhabit what Aloy calls home. One robot - the Apex Sentry Scrounger - only appears in the Cauldron at night. This means that those who completed the area during the day, couldn't have come across one to scan and therefore can't get the "All Machine Types Scanned” trophy.

Here's hoping the team address this in the next patch. Don't worry, we can keep playing Elden Ring while we wait.

Featured Image Credit: Guerrilla Games

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Georgina Young
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