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‘Horizon Forbidden West’ Player Defeats All Machine Types Using A Rock

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‘Horizon Forbidden West’ Player Defeats All Machine Types Using A Rock

Horizon Forbidden West is an incredibly good looking game. Just last week, one fan unearthed an easter egg that proves that it may just be the best looking one out there.


Guerrilla Games’ latest offering doesn’t just offer stunning visuals though. The gameplay is hugely fun and it’s easy to rack up many hours spent in Aloy’s world. One player recently opted for a more unique approach to playing Horizon Forbidden West though, defeating all 43 machine types using a humble rock.

Did you know God of War's Kratos, Atreus, Brok and Sindri are hidden in Horizon Forbidden West? Take a look at the video below.



I’ve racked up close to 70 hours in the game myself (easily done) and I’ve got to admit, I didn’t even know you could use rocks in combat and I’m hoping I’m not alone in this. Typically, rocks are used to distract machines by sending them searching in the opposite direction.

YouTuber LittleSix instead used the trusty rocks to see off every single one of the game’s various machine types, posting a compilation video of his achievement online. As you’ll see in the video, LittleSix lowered each machine’s health first using Aloy’s standard range of weapons before throwing a rock as a finisher.


I can only imagine that this took an intense amount of dedication. According to LittleSix’s video, rocks appear to knock off one health point so LittleSix would need to deplete a machine’s health precisely enough that there was only one health point left, which quite honestly sounds like an impossible feat itself.

LittleSix touched on the difficulty saying “I can't tell you the sheer number of times I got a machine low, only for an extraneous factor to kill it. Passing NPC's who decide to 'help,’ my ropecaster suddenly doing damage, getting a critical hit when I didn't want one, accidentally placing a trap, environmental kills that were the machine's own doing, my mount deciding to attack, machines despawning, I even had a dust devil kill a Dreadwing." It’s not something I’ll be replicating myself but consider me impressed.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Topics: Horizon Forbidden West, PlayStation, Guerrilla Games

Kate Harrold
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