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Infamous 'Bloodborne' Boss Is Now An OP 'Elden Ring' Build

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Infamous 'Bloodborne' Boss Is Now An OP 'Elden Ring' Build

Elden Ring is full of formidable foes. In fact, just the other day we discovered that Starscourge Radahn is the most popular boss in the game, according to one survey anyway. You may disagree but if you’re interested, Malenia and Margit rounded out the top three.


In total, Elden Ring has a whopping 165 bosses. Most people would say that’s more than enough, but one player decided there was room for another and set about creating an incredible OP build of Bloodborne’s most infamous boss.

Elden Ring is home to plenty of weird mods. Take a look at some of the unusual characters who have graced the Lands Between below.



You know who I’m talking about. It’s Father Gascoigne. Reddit user Orionthehoonter recently stumbled across the Bloodborne boss build who’d replaced Margit the Fell Omen in the game. Father Gascoigne’s look wasn’t too difficult to achieve. Gather together a gun, an axe and a yeehaw hat and you’re basically there, but the execution here is flawless.

The build didn’t just visually recreate Father Gascoigne’s iconic look. The player perfectly reenacted the big bad’s Bloodborne boss fight. In the clip posted to Reddit, we see Father Gascoigne slowly turn around before roaring at the player and launching into battle. Midway through the fight, the Father Gascoigne build even transforms into a wolf. Take a look for yourself below.


Very cool, right? Well, Elden Ring fans were quick to spot the Reddit post, sharing their amazement in the comments. SmeachThePeach wrote, “The quick swap to the wolf mask for the phase transition was top tier. I had to replay it a few times to actually see when the swap happened. It was so fluid. Whoever this is we need to find them,” whilst user somethingaboutwhales said, “My god. I can picture the music to this perfectly. His timings for transformation are impeccable. Well done sir.” They’re not wrong. I’ll give kudos where it’s due.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe

Topics: Elden Ring, Bloodborne, Bandai Namco, Fromsoftware

Kate Harrold
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