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Internet Explorer Is Finally Being Retired, Tell Your Grandparents

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Internet Explorer Is Finally Being Retired, Tell Your Grandparents

It’s officially the end of an era, and bad news for anyone who’s not updated their browser in about 15 years. Internet Explorer’s demise is nigh - it’ll officially be disappearing from every grandparent’s desktop on 15 June this year. 


You might be getting a bit of deja vu here - wasn’t it dead already? Believe it or not, no, although Microsoft Teams ended support for the browser back in November 2020, and Microsoft 365 followed suit in August last year. To be fair, we did also know about this June 2022 sendoff since last year, but Microsoft have issued a reminder to confirm that yes, this is definitely happening.

These gaming PCs are super cool - but if they can't run Internet Explorer, what's the point anymore? Well, okay, they're still definitely worth it - take a look below.



As reported by PC Gamer, 15 June is the day that the desktop application will be retired from the most up-to-date versions of Windows 10 - an update will be coming to PCs not long after that to get rid of it once and for all. After that, it’ll be replaced by Microsoft Edge, which is set to become the default browser for Windows going forward. Obviously, you can still change your browser to whatever you want, just not ol’ Explorer.

If, for some strange reason, you still happen to be using Windows 7 or 8 in the year 2022, not even you can escape doomsday, although you will evade it for a while longer - Internet Explorer will be retired from those as of January next year. So, if you really aren’t ready to let go just yet, that’s one way to hold on, I suppose. Make peace, say your goodbyes and all that. Maybe search some old Myspace profiles for old time’s sake.

The legendary browser first released on 16 August 1995, and boasted the impressive internet speeds of that era ever since. It’ll be just short of 27 years old by the time it kicks the recycle bin, so it had a pretty good run. You’ll be missed, old friend. 

Featured Image Credit: Konami, Activision, Microsoft

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Catherine Lewis
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