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KEEMSTAR Explains Why He’s Retiring, Slams "Pathetic" Cancel Culture

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KEEMSTAR Explains Why He’s Retiring, Slams "Pathetic" Cancel Culture

Controversial YouTuber Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem has announced that he’s stepping down from his long-running DramaAlert show after nearly 10 years, citing “sad” and “pathetic” hate mobs as the reason behind the movie. 


Keem started DramaAlert back in 2012, a news show dedicated to discussing the latest in internet culture… which usually turned out to be ridiculous beef between fellow YouTubers and influencers.


On October 25, Keem tweeted out that he was retiring. He promised to share a full statement a little later on. Sure enough, by October 26 he had uploaded a video to DramaAlert called “Retired”. In it, he explained that he doesn’t find YouTube fun anymore as a result of “mob” culture, and that he’s leaving the platform for good. 


“It’s been almost 14 years that I have been a YouTuber. And quite frankly, I’m not having fun anymore,” Keem told viewers. “Recently, things have changed quite a bit.”

He dove into why he arrived at this point, pointing to a “shift” in culture that occurred around the start of the pandemic. 

“Cancel culture became this overpowering thing and people went after YouTubers’ sponsors, really trying to just ruin them financially, and that caused everyone to stop speaking their minds.” he explained. 


 “What happens is, when nobody speaks their mind and everyone’s a commercial, there’s not really that much entertainment. In entertainment, you need drama. Think of the Avengers without drama, think of them without a bad guy. You need some back and forth, you need some battles, you need conflict.”

 As happy as I usually am to see a Marvel reference anywhere, I’m not sure we should want real life to be filled with battles and conflict to make it more interesting. Sure, that means some of us get to be Iron Man and Captain America, but it also requires the less fortunate of us play the role of those poor innocent sods that get buildings dropped on them while Hulk punches aliens in the face. 

Anyway, Keem said his last video for DramaAlert will be uploaded on his 40th birthday, March 8, 2022. He’ll use this time to find a replacement, which suggests he’s not quite sure yet who should take his place. 

Featured Image Credit: KEEMSTAR via YouTube

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Ewan Moore
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