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Man Adopts ‘Nintendogs’ He Found Abandoned On A Train

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Man Adopts ‘Nintendogs’ He Found Abandoned On A Train

We’ve all been guilty of neglecting our once beloved video gaming friends. Whether that’s Raymond waiting for us to return to our once carefully pruned island in Animal Crossing, or a Tamagotchi which inevitably suffocated in its own dung, it’s easy to forget about our virtual friends. 


That’s why when Benny P found a lost and battered cartridge for the Nintendo DS on the floor of his train home his curiosity was piqued. Flipping over the abandoned game, he discovered it was a rather neglected copy of the 2005 pet simulator Nintendogs. Despite the game being over 17 years old, Benny was excited to see just what pets he had been lucky enough to discover.

If you want to see Benny’s journey with his adopted Nintendogs, you can find it all in the video below.



It wasn’t as easy as popping the game into his Nintendo DS. Not knowing the origin of the cartridge, or how long it had been lying on the floor of the train carriage, it was hard to discern just how badly the game was damaged. However, Benny tried the classic method of cleaning out the cartridge with a cotton bud and rubbing alcohol, and it seemed as if the dogs were brought back from the brink.

The cartridge contained two dogs, Tyson the Shiba inu and Enzo the Labrador retriever, who Benny immediately fed and watered. Looking at their profiles Benny found that the two puppers had once belonged to ‘sean’, who had spent just a few minutes with Tyson before the game was lost or tossed.

While it is sad that Tyson and Enzo were left on the train at least they’ve been picked up and have found a loving home. That is of course until Benny’s DS runs out of battery and he forgets they ever existed as the two dogs lay forever encased in their black plastic tomb.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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