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Man Sells Wife's Video Game Collection Because He Doesn't Trust "Virtual Husbands"

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Man Sells Wife's Video Game Collection Because He Doesn't Trust "Virtual Husbands"

A jealous husband appears to have sold a large portion of his wife's video game collection, claiming he's not comfortable with the relationship she has with "virtual men".


I'm more worried about the relationship she has with one real man in particular, if I'm being honest.

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A now-deleted Reddit post shared on the AmITheA**hole subreddit by the husband in question started doing the rounds on social media. In it, he claimed to have sold her collection of Harvest Moon games. The vast majority of entries in the long-running farming sim franchise allow players to wed NPCs, something that seems to have troubled the un-named husband.

“I intend on us being a committed couple,” he wrote. “I tolerated her love of farming simulation games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, but now that we’re married, I expect her to commit to me alone and not these virtual husbands.”

He added that he's already sold her Game Boy Advance and GameCube on eBay, and that he'll be making her uninstall Stardew Valley.


“You don’t see me buying body pillows of scantily-clad anime girls or simping over fictional women, and I expect her not to do the same for fictional men,” he continued. “This is about infidelity prevention.”

A number of commenters seem convinced that the post must be a parody, while others have been around long enough to know that there are absolutely men who would pull something like this out there in the world.


"People might surprise you," wrote one user in response to a commenter who called the post fake. "I had an ex who got mad at me because I didn’t create drama and wasn’t jealous at all after he told me he married a woman [NPC] on a videogame. Hard to believe, but people like OP exist."

The moral of this story? Men are quite shit. And as a bonus moral, remember never to stand in the way of a gamer and their virtual romances.

Featured Image Credit: Chucklefish/Channel 4

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Ewan Moore
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