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Xbox Has Revived An Iconic Xbox 360-Era Feature

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Xbox Has Revived An Iconic Xbox 360-Era Feature

There’s something to be said about customisation in gaming. It’s so special to be able to make your experience in a game uniquely yours - Elden Ring’s character creator, for example, allows for an almost endless amount of tweaking to craft the perfect self-insert protagonist. Or a complete monstrosity. The choice is yours. 


That’s within an actual game, of course, but what about your individual identity as a gamer, permanently attached to your profile? How do you make sure that everyone knows that you’re probably just there to have a good time, or that you’re maybe, just maybe, a bit of an asshole? With the arrival of the Xbox 360 in 2005, Microsoft made sure we could do just that, with gamer pictures.

Check out these amazing recreations of Thanos and Thor in Elden Ring - that character creation tool really knows no limit.



We all know them, we all love them. Most of them were really generic, like the football and smiley face, but they’re also super iconic - we can probably all think of at least one person we came across online using the beanie-wearing, bubble-blowing boy, who was a little less than pleasant. As reported by ComicBook, Xbox have now remade some of these pictures for use on the Series X and S

So far, only two have received the remake treatment - that aforementioned bubble boy, and also the panda. While they’re both clear remakes, they’re still pretty different - rather than the original flat 2D art style, the boy is now a 3D model, and the panda is now wearing headphones and using an Xbox controller (it’s really cute, actually). Whether you prefer the originals or not is completely down to personal choice, of course, but it’s undeniably cool to see them brought back.


Obviously, since the Xbox One came out, and people were able to use custom pictures for their profiles (not to mention the hundreds available on the console already), most people probably haven’t missed that original roster of 12. They’re so nostalgia-inducing though, and we can only hope that the other 10 are brought back, too. 

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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Catherine Lewis
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