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A 'Squid Game' Cryptocurrency Just Dropped, And Its Value Has Already Rocketed

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A 'Squid Game' Cryptocurrency Just Dropped, And Its Value Has Already Rocketed

Squid Game, the survival drama show that swept across television sets across the globe, has gotten a themed crypto coin that surged in value last weekend. 


If you’re one of the people who hasn’t gotten round to the show yet, the premise is that there’s a collective of mysterious people who follow those who are suffering under the weight of enormous debts. They make them a simple offer — play a series of children’s games against hundreds of other competitors, and if they win, they’ll walk away with 45.6 billion won. 

However, if a player fails in any of these games, they are killed. Every death adds 100 million won to the prize pool. Squid Game is gory, twisty and turny, and darkly comic from time to time, and for those reasons, it hooked more than 142 million households into its world. 

There have been recreations of the show in Fortnite, Animal Crossing, Minecraft and even Roblox, which you can check out below! 



While it is cool to be inspired by the show, it sounds like the themes of Squid Game have gone over the heads of those who have thought up this Squid cryptocurrency. It’s a play-to-earn coin, so buyers participate in the online animated games from the show like Red Light, Green Light, Ppopgi, tug of war, and marbles. You’ll even get a Dalgona Candy NFT if you win the Ppopgi game which will be required to enter the tug of war round. 

"The more people join, the larger reward pool will be (sic)," said the organisers, adding that the developers will be entitled to 10% of the entry fee with the remaining 90% of the reward given to the sole winner of the games. "More importantly, we do not provide deadly consequences apparently!"


Right. At the moment, Squid was trading at $2.22, which is an eye-watering 2,400% increase compared to the last 24 hours. Yet, CoinMarketCap has stated that “multiple reports” have come in claiming that users are not able to sell this token on Pancakeswap.

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