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New BioShock Game May Have Two Cities, According To Rumour

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New BioShock Game May Have Two Cities, According To Rumour

Would you kindly give us another BioShock game, 2K? Well, obviously you’ll dive back into that world eventually - BioShock Infinite was too much of a success not to, right? Yet I’m impatient, and new rumours of a dual-city system in your new BioShock have me quite excited, and I’d like to play it now thank you very much. 


There are alleged screenshots floating about at the moment, showing details of the potential next BioShock game. Codenamed BioShock Isolation, both VG Chartz and Alt Char have reported on the appearance of a pitch for the game leaked by Twitter account Oops Leaks. And from the looks of things, there are not one but two cities that the player will have to explore in the game.

Most notable amongst the leaked images is a slide that shows two cities at war. The tweet from Oops Leaks says: "A slide from the new BioShock game pitching presentation. There might be two cities with radically different ideology, one of them located underground right below the other, both sharing a 'flipside' border zone with an unleashed 'vertical war'.”


Looking at the image, there is text saying: “City 1: A free and wealthy society led by a successful entrepreneur” and “City 2: An isolated underground city, separated from the upper world, led by a dictator waging a vertical war”. In-between then is what’s called the “Flipside zone”, a horizontal line between the two. BioShock fans may release that there is a call back to the IP included in this slide, with cage and bird emblems next to the cities. You’ll remember these from Elizabeth’s necklace in Infinite


Additionally, concept influences have been revealed for the story. It seems that the books The City and the City, We, and Shantaram are all references for the story/world, as is the film Citizen Kane. Of course, this is all very limited information that should be taken with a pinch of salt, but at least the vibes of this project are believable. 

Oops Leaks has also tweeted some clarifications. The screenshots seem to have been back from 2019. However, the reveal of the game could come at The Game Awards at the end of the year, or in early 2022. Again, keep those fingertips salty, but we’re excited to see if Isolation is all that these screenshots suggest it is.

Featured Image Credit: 2K

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Imogen Mellor
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