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New 'Hogwarts Legacy' Footage Is Sending Fans Wild

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New 'Hogwarts Legacy' Footage Is Sending Fans Wild

So, the internet exploded a little bit yesterday when PlayStation officially confirmed that we’d be getting a dedicated State of Play stream for Hogwarts Legacy this Thursday (17 March), which is set to feature “an extended first look at gameplay”. 


It’s really no wonder that people are so hyped. The game was first revealed back in 2020, and despite a very exciting initial trailer, we’ve not seen or heard anything official since. The lack of content has clearly been driving fans up the wall, because that trailer has managed to rack up over 28 million views on PlayStation’s YouTube channel - some people have clearly had it on repeat. 

In case you weren't one of those 28 million views (or you just want to have another look anyway), check out the trailer for Hogwarts Legacy below.



Unsurprisingly then, despite the main event not happening for another couple of days, that’s not stopped fans from going full detective mode on the literal seven seconds of footage which was shown on Twitter, along with the announcement. On the surface level, we can see some robed individual approaching a giant statue of a bearded man, which seems to have some small glowing item sat below it, in some mysterious, dark location. Who are we looking at, where are we, and what are these things? That’s exactly what Reddit users have been trying to work out.

“Personally, I think this is a new area we have never seen before,” speculated Ciniqs. “In the video itself, the environment gives me the feeling that this place is submerged underwater and the design of the statue makes me feel that way too. Perhaps a merman? Or the leader of an underwater species?” 


One eagle-eyed fan pointed out that this might not be the first we’ve seen of the strange glowing object: “The glowing item looks like the torch thing in the Hogwarts Legacy title on the promotional image. It’s also the profile picture on the [Hogwarts Legacy] Twitter account,” said Conflict-Time. If that’s true, we can probably assume that it’s something important to the plot. 

Otherwise though, it could also be a gameplay element: “I’m thinking it might be a visual indicator to perform a spell at that area to maybe reveal or uncover something,” suggested kdubdub7. “If that’s the case, I hope you have the ability to turn it off so you can explore and try to uncover it for yourself without the game telling you there’s something interesting to discover at that location.”

Thursday’s State of Play event is set to last around 20 minutes, and feature about 14 minutes of gameplay footage, so we’re almost certainly going to get some, if not all of these questions answered then. The broadcast will go live at 9pm UK time - you won’t want to miss it.

Featured Image Credit: Avalanche Software, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Topics: Hogwarts Legacy, PlayStation, Harry Potter

Catherine Lewis
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