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New 'Mass Effect 5' Teaser Hints At Return Of The Geth

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New 'Mass Effect 5' Teaser Hints At Return Of The Geth

November 7, or N7 Day, is a big day for Mass Effect fans around the world. It’s the time of year where we all come together to share our love for the series - and developer BioWare has gotten more and more involved in recent years, lending an official air to the beloved day. 


BioWare ended yesterday’s N7 celebrations with the one thing we were all hoping for: an update on Mass Effect 5


Okay, so what we actually got wasn’t so much an update as it was a brief teaser - but it was definitely enough to work fans up into a hell of a frenzy. Fans were treated to a striking new poster of the in-development game, in which a squad of four characters depart from a ship to explore a massive crater that just so happens to resemble a Geth face . Along the bottom was the promise that “Mass Effect will continue”. This is a blessed timeline indeed. 


There’s still so much we don’t know about the new Mass Effect game, but this one image has just given fans more than enough to work with for at least the next few months. Zooming in reveals plenty of exciting details, including the fact that one of the four squadmates is most definitely a Krogan. Then there are the delicious implications of the Geth-shaped crater. Is the race of AI lifeforms returning to the galaxy after the events of Mass Effect 3? It certainly looks that way. 

Of course it’s worth pointing out that what happened to the Geth in the original Mass Effect trilogy will have varied depending on the choices you made at the end of Mass Effect 3, but there’s a chance BioWare is going to have the bite the bullet in Mass Effect 5 and make one of those endings canon if it wants to give us a proper sequel after all these years. 


From a story perspective, it’d certainly be fascinating to explore a universe in which all synthetic life was wiped out by Shepard. How has organic life handled this massive change? What has become of the galaxy? How might the Geth have survived this attempted genocide, and what do they plan to do in retaliation? I have so many questions. I just hope Mass Effect 5 has the answers. 

Featured Image Credit: EA

Topics: Mass Effect, Bioware

Ewan Moore
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