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Nickmercs Blasts Shambolic New 'Warzone' Anti-Cheat Measures

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Nickmercs Blasts Shambolic New 'Warzone' Anti-Cheat Measures

Let’s face it, at this point, hackers are just synonymous with Call of Duty: Warzone. I mean, it’s not like it’s a completely unique situation - every online game deals with aimbotting players and infinite-ammo wielders to an extent, but anyone who’s even tentatively dipped their toes into Warzone will know that the hacking situation there is basically unavoidable. 


Believe it or not, Activision have actually been trying to rein cheaters in and get the situation more under control - last October, they introduced a new anti-cheat system called Ricochet, which promised “a multi-faceted approach to combat cheating, featuring new server-side tools which monitor analytics to identify cheating, enhanced investigation processes to stamp out cheaters, updates to strengthen account security, and more.” However, it didn’t really deliver, and many prominent players within the community are still understandably frustrated about it.

If you like seeing hackers get what's coming to them, be sure to take a look at the clip below to watch one of Warzone's worst hackers get completely exposed.



One such player is Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff. As reported by Dexerto, he’s always been very vocal with his views about the game, but recently on Twitter, he’s not been holding back at all. As well as quite bluntly saying that “the game sucks c**k”, he went on to call it a “shambles”, criticising it for, well, basically everything.

“Bro you cannot look me in my eyes [and] tell me the game is not [in] SHAMBLES,” he wrote. “The new map missed. The WW2 wrap is and always has been trash. [And] the Anticheat was some April fools s**t for likes [and] RT’s. Verdansk was gold [though]. Great times.”


In case you missed it, a mere day after Ricochet was introduced to the game, hackers managed to work around the system after a leak of the kernel-level driver's files. So, you can understand why long-time players feel the way they do towards it - it’s been doing very little to stop the problem. Whether the devs will ever get the game to a point where it’s not overwhelmed with cheaters remains to be seen, but it’s looking increasingly unlikely. 

Featured Image Credit: NICKMERCS via YouTube, Activision

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Catherine Lewis
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