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Animal Crossing Naked Villager Glitch Is No More After New Update

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Animal Crossing Naked Villager Glitch Is No More After New Update

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was our Nintendo Switch game of the year in 2020 and for reasons that are too numerous to count. The gentle and chill gameplay. The opportunity for creative houses and islands on a scale unlike any of the previous titles. The admirable attention to detail in even the smallest parts of the game. And- goodness gracious. Beardo is naked.


This unfortunate glitch arose out of the Happy Home Paradise DLC which lets players design holiday homes for the cast of cuddly characters on a nearby chain of islands. Capitalism stains everything it touches. Anyway, each client has a specific feel or brief that they'd like their home away from home to fulfil. For example, Ruby wants a place to admire the moon, Zucker wants a festival with cotton candy and pinball machines, and Carmen wants a chocolate centric space. Once the player has completed a given number of holiday houses, new features and buildings become available, and one of these is The Roost.

Check it out here!



That cafe is where all of this trouble started. Brewster may look like an unflappable figure, however, players were surprised to see characters were walking round in the nude in the cafe. Why this glitch was occurring in this area of the game was not known, but the community found it funny.


Like, technically, they are animals and animals don't wear clothes, however, it is a problem. Fortunately, the version 2.0.4 update for New Horizons has ensured that villagers are no longer naked. The issue was triggered when players chose custom clothing for their characters and then the game's code got its wires crossed, removing the clothes whenever the animals were inside buildings. Version 2.0.4 also addresses glitches with ladders on diagonal cliffs on the third tier of a cliff formation, missing seasonal recipes, a showroom fix that caused characters in one player’s facilities appearing as island residents on another player's facilities, and a number of other things.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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Imogen Donovan
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