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Amazing Fan-Made Trailer Finally Adds Waluigi To 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'


Amazing Fan-Made Trailer Finally Adds Waluigi To 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'

Poor Waluigi still hasn't been added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a fighter, despite seemingly endless clamouring from Nintendo players to see the purple-clad joker join the game's swollen roster. And with one final fighter due to be added to the 2018-released game as DLC, it's really now or never for the antihero, a mainstay of many other multi-character Nintendo games - he's playable in both Mario Golf: Super Rush and Mario Tennis Aces on Switch, for example.


Ultimate game director Masahiro Sakurai has promised one final DLC character - and while we have a lot of ideas who it won't be, surely, surely, it's Waluigi's time. Unless it's not, of course, with a lot of the rumours about the last addition connecting it to a third-party character rather than a Nintendo favourite. We'll just have to wait and see. But, Waluigi himself isn't letting the situation get him down anymore, as a new fan-made Smash Bros. video sees him join the game his own way.

YouTube channel King Bob Gaming has outdone itself with this trailer, frankly. Using the Project M mod, it shows Waluigi finally getting an invite to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, albeit in a not entirely regular way, and subsequently kicking arse (and serving aces) across a series of familiar-looking stages. Please, do enjoy this one - I sure did. (And with 2.2m views in a week, it seems plenty of others have, too.)


How great is that, seriously? Whether or not Waluigi does ultimately make the Ultimate cut, we'll at least always have this exceptional bit of video. The video was made by MKHT, whose YouTube channel is right here, and YouTube feedback has been highly positive.

"Regardless [of] what Nintendo says, this will always be canon in our eyes," writes one viewer. " Another writes, "This is the greatest reveal trailer I have ever seen." And another perfectly summarises the emotional heft of the fan-made vid, commenting: "Even if Waluigi is added, I'm sure his trailer could never top the feels of this. Very nicely done."

C'mon, Nintendo. An assist trophy isn't enough. You know wahaaaat to do.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo, King Bob Gaming

Topics: Nintendo Switch, Nintendo, YouTube, Super Smash Bros

Mike Diver
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