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Nintendo Fans Stunned After Discovering Where Donkey Kong Was Born

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Nintendo Fans Stunned After Discovering Where Donkey Kong Was Born

If there’s one thing us video game fans love, it’s a bit of lore. You best bet that we’re going to find every tiny scrap of detail that developers hide within a game. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be intentional lore. Oh, that scrap of paper is meaningless? Not when we’ve finished with it. Lore galore.


Lately, the lore hunters have been having a field day with Elden Ring after discovering a huge secret hiding in the game’s map and we now know where all the children of the Lands Between have gone (nowhere good). Today though, our attention turns to Donkey Kong because shocking new details have emerged about Nintendo’s famous ape and I honestly didn’t see this one coming.

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Twitter account MarioBrothBlog recently discovered an officially licensed Nintendo activity book which was released by Burger King in 2002. The user posted a screenshot of one of the questions which read, “Where was Donkey Kong born?” and listed the possible options as the United States, United Kingdom and Mexico. Go on, pick your champion.

Donkey Kong is actually a Brit. The answer read, “Donkey Kong was born in the United Kingdom but now lives on Donkey Kong island.” I have so many questions. My dude has an island named after him so did he leave the UK, find an unclaimed island and name it after himself? Was Donkey Kong born in captivity before escaping back to his native homeland? I don’t know.


Needless to say, fans shared their shock at the revelation. BethHasCookies wrote, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S BRITISH?!?!” while SamZilberstein joked, “Oi mate, what ‘appened to me bananas? This is mental innit.” I don’t really know what to do with this information but here I am, gifting it to you. You’re welcome.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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Kate Harrold
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