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Game Boy Classics Are Coming To Nintendo Switch, Sources Confirm


Game Boy Classics Are Coming To Nintendo Switch, Sources Confirm

Nintendo is planning to add Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to the Nintendo Switch, according to several sources and reports. We've also heard that this is coming, and soon, and reports on both VGC and Eurogamer would appear to make the additions all but confirmed. There can only be so much dot-matrix smoke without any monochromatic fire, right? Exactly.


On August 31, Nintendo Life reported that these 8-bit handheld games would be coming "really soon", as part of the Switch Online Service, which already offers an array of NES and SNES games to subscribers. As further sources are cited, it seems that an announcement will be imminent - and a recent leak suggests that there is going to be a new Nintendo Direct presentation in September 2021. Sounds like a perfect moment to press the big, (kinda pea-hued) green GO button on adding Game Boy classics to the Switch.

Watch our brief history of the Nintendo Game Boy, below...



Whereas there will be some players out there who'd have loved to see a 'Classic' Game Boy released, in the vein of the mini NES and SNES consoles Nintendo has released in recent years, there's no doubt no my mind that this is the best way to get a decent collection of Game Boy and GBC essentials into the hands of today's gamers. And yes, some of the games are looking pretty old now, but y'know, a lot really hold up. As someone who still dabbles in '80s and '90s games, I'm looking forward to seeing some celebrated Game Boy releases revived for the 21st century.

Which is to say: I'm excited for this reveal to include games like Mole Mania, Kirby's Dream Land, the 1994 Donkey Kong, Super Mario Land and its two sequels (both of which starred Wario), the original The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Metroid II: Return of Samus, perhaps Final Fantasy Adventure and, y'never know, maybe even Pokémon Blue, Red and/or Yellow. (You can find our feature on how those original Pokémon games were made, here.) Oh, and of course there's the small matter of Tetris.

The Game Boy Color library definitely hasn't aged as well as the OG GB's - well, I say that, but this is just my opinion talking, obvs - but it has its share of bangers that I'm crossing my fingers to see again on Switch. The two Zelda Oracles - Ages and Seasons - are great companions to Link's Awakening. Mario Tennis and Mario Golf are fantastic. The GBC has some interesting takes on Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil, too, though I wouldn't hold my breath on seeing those. Then again, Capcom and Konami both have titles on the current NES and SNES library for Switch Online, so, maybe. Hopefully, these additions allow people the chance to play some fascinating entries in long-running series that are otherwise expensive to pick up on their original cartridges.


Here's looking forward to the next Nintendo Direct, then - and, there's talk of other retro platforms being supported by Switch Online, so let's not rule out some cheeky N64 inclusions, too, and even some SEGA action with the Game Gear. A Nintendo Netflix-like service on Nintendo Switch, bringing Virtual Console favourites back for one affordable yearly subscription? I would love to see it.

Featured Image Credit: Hello I'm Nik via Unsplash / Nintendo, Game Freak

Topics: Nintendo Switch, Game Boy, Nintendo, Retro Gaming

Mike Diver
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