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‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Announces Biggest Update Since Launch

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‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Announces Biggest Update Since Launch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has welcomed Brewster onto its cozy and cutesy islands and players are ascending to a higher plane of happiness with the news.


If you don't play the adorable anthropomorphic life sim, then what is wrong with you? Sorry, sorry. Got carried away there. Brewster is a pigeon who works in The Roost, a café that offers the player the ability to order coffee and complete coffee deliveries as a part-time job under his wing. I had to. He's a quiet fellow who has a thoughtful appreciation for the beverage, but he opens up to the player character if they visit him a lot in their playthroughs.

Again, if you're not into Animal Crossing, this obsession with Brewster might sound slightly OTT. However, hints in the game's conversations with NPCs seemed to suggest that the character was inbound in a future update. Months and months rolled past and Nintendo made no mention of Brewster, not even for its autumn update which would have dovetailed so conveniently with the additions of pumpkins.

Finally, with today's announcement, the Animal Crossing community's watch is ended. Brewster is back, baby.


Check out the showcase in the video below!


While I could wax lyrical some more about Brewster, it's better that you hear from the fans themselves on how happy they are to see him in the game again:


Of course, Brewster's arrival and the introduction of The Roost wasn't the only highlight of the Direct. Amiibos allow players to invite island residents and special characters to savour a cup of coffee and multiple players can meet up in the cafe.


And, Kapp'n will now appear by the pier for boat tours and a sing-a-long. He'll take the player to mysterious islands (not to be confused with mystery islands) with new plants, different seasons and even different times of the day. This is heaven sent for people who want to collect seasonal resources like red leaves but aren't interested in time-travelling.

Harv's Island is getting an overhaul and will see visitors like Reese and Cyrus, Sahara, Red, Katrina and more, which is another opportunity to meet special characters without needing to log into the game every single day. Harriet is also on her way to the island with 11 new hairstyles.

Group stretching looks absolutely adorable with group yoga classes that the player can participate in with button controls or motion controls. And, cooking with harvestable tomatoes, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes and carrots lets players boost their energy levels with recipes like minestrone soup. It's everything that players have been wanting from the game for ages and ages, and there were even some surprises like ceiling décor, new fences, a pro camera mode that lets you snap shots in first person, and gyroids that are buried deep underground.


This patch goes live on November 5th and it will be the last free update that contains significant additions to the base game. That led Nintendo nicely onto the first paid DLC for New Horizons: Happy Home Paradise.

Jetting off to a nearby chain of islands, the player will meet characters who are seeking their ideal holiday home and fulfil requests on their style and wants. With their own teeny tiny piece of paradise, the player will build fences, plant trees and paths, change season and time of day on the outside of the home to fit the aesthetic.

Inside, partition walls and pillars and soundscapes will pull together the beauty of their home away from home. And, a new polishing animation creates new effects like butterflies and sparkles to add a little something extra. Thanks to the Happy Home Network, players will be able to share their holiday homes with others and invite special characters for a vacation here like Isabelle (God knows she's earned it).

And, excitingly, you're able to use these learned techniques - pillars, soundscapes, and more - in your own home. Happy Home Paradise is also set to launch on November 5th for $24.99.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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Imogen Donovan
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