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Gamer Celebrates Collecting Every Nintendo Famicom Cartridge Ever Released

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Gamer Celebrates Collecting Every Nintendo Famicom Cartridge Ever Released

Words: Musanna Ahmed


Imagine owning over a thousand games. Okay, yeah, a few of you probably have Steam libraries with about as much - but imagine owning over a thousand games in their physical form. Now, imagine if that collection included literally every single game ever released for a single platform.

As reported by Japanese news site Sora News 24, Twitter user @corner_mask, a retro gaming superfan from Japan, has accomplished such a feat, counting all 1,053 commercially released games released for the Nintendo Famicom in his own home. For those who are unaware of the Famicom, it's essentially the original, Japanese version of the NES, the classic 8-bit console that popularised iconic Nintendo characters including Samus, Link and a certain pair of moustachioed Italian plumbers.

The original Super Mario Bros. briefly became Super Mario Bros. 35 and, uh, Nintendo, we wish we could still play this, actually...



Looking at the images shared on social media below, eagle-eyed gamers may be able to spot some classics amongst the hundreds of cartridges neatly lined up in their original forms. While game art can provide clues to those who can't read Japanese text, whatever game you're looking for is definitely somewhere here, considering it's a complete collection. Even those with no nostalgia for Nintendo's ground-breaking system can at least appreciate the sights from an aesthetic perspective. The shelves look more vibrant (and undoubtedly smell much nicer) than the chocolate walls at M&M's World.


And that's not all - every single game here even includes its original box and manual booklets. As if his archival work wasn't impressive already, the collector's studious attention to detail is on another level. But wait, there's more: the set even includes a number of unique peripherals, such as the Power Pad, a floor controller mat that was a prototype to Dance Dance Revolution's platform, and even a karaoke add-on for anyone else who just wanted to pretend they were in Spandau Ballet back in the day. My favourite item has to be Konami's Exciting Boxing game, though, which includes a plastic inflatable stand featuring a cartoon image of a boxer (who looks like a buff Freddie Mercury) for you to punch.

The history of the Famicom - short for the Family Computer - extends back to 1983, and it took @corner_mask close to ten years to collect its cartridge catalogue in its entirety. His story isn't yet over though, as he plots his next pursuit to gather together every game for the Famicom Disk System, a Japan-exclusive peripheral that was only around from 1986 to 1990 and was notable for its use of floppy disks (remember those?). With so many struggles in the space of video game preservation today, this story represents a real victory for archiving gaming history. I might have to ask him to track me down a good copy of Jumping Flash!

Featured Image Credit: u/HammStar via Reddit / Nintendolife

Topics: News, Nintendo, Retro Gaming

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