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Nintendo Switch Update Finally Adds Basic Feature, Four Years Later


Nintendo Switch Update Finally Adds Basic Feature, Four Years Later

In classic Nintendo fashion, the Switch is now compatible with Bluetooth speakers, four and a half years after the console launched.


Version 13.0.0 is available to install either automatically or manually and also comprises an ability to update the dock for the Nintendo Switch and its OLED Model, maintain internet connection in sleep mode, calibration for control sticks on other controllers, and check the frequency of the console's wireless internet connection.

Dodging the whispers about a Switch Pro like Neo dodged bullets in that bit of The Matrix, Nintendo unveiled the Switch OLED earlier this summer. Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Maybe. Check out its trailer right here!



While Bluetooth functionality is expected to be an integral feature for lots of other doodads and gadgets, Nintendo is one to dance to the beat of its own drum. Furthermore, it's worth noting the fine print of this update. Bluetooth microphones are not supported and Bluetooth audio devices will not work while local wireless communication is active. You'll need to download and use the Nintendo Online app on your phone to chat to friends, as per.

And, users may only connect two wireless controllers while Bluetooth audio is active, and must pair additional wireless controllers after disconnecting the device. That sounds like a faff to me but a proportion of players are seeing the logic behind the long wait for Bluetooth features rather than putting it down to the quirkiness of Nintendo.

"People don't understand development priorities. Patching major vulnerabilities and other issues, discovered or not by the public, takes precedence over feature updates," explained AyeJayIT.


Another thing which is mentioned by Nintendo in its notes is latency. As the Joy-Cons use Bluetooth to communicate with the console, the speakers and the controllers are drawing from the same amount of bandwidth. Ergo, it's possible that Nintendo held off on this specific feature until both peripherals could be used efficiently. And you can't fault it for that, really.

However, you can fault it for not announcing the update til today because a handful of poor people who forked out for a Bluetooth adapter for their Switch are shaking their fists. Oops.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix, Enrique Vidal Flores via Unsplash

Topics: News, Nintendo

Imogen Donovan
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