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New Nintendo Switch Pro Details Appear On Amazon, Ahead Of Reveal

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New Nintendo Switch Pro Details Appear On Amazon, Ahead Of Reveal

The long-rumoured (I mean, we know it's coming) 'Switch Pro' very briefly appeared online last night, as a listing for the updated, extra-powered version of Nintendo's smash-hit console popped up on Amazon Mexico. Of course, it was taken down pretty swiftly - but the internet remembers. The internet always remembers.


Twitter user @wario64, following @alphabeat_g, grabbed a screenshot of the listing - which is for a New Nintendo Switch Pro. If the next Switch follows the naming convention of the 3DS, we can certainly expect 'New' to be in the mix. The 'Pro' part, perhaps not - but then, it's become such a mainstay of the unofficial wording for this new Switch, that perhaps it will stick.

Amazon changed the listing to a 'dummy' status - which doesn't mean that the product isn't on the way, or that we're fools and have been suckered. If anything, it looks like someone at the online retailer simply jumped the gun. But perhaps they've not gone too early, as online rumours suggest that the official reveal of Nintendo's new console could be coming in mere days - before E3 starts on June 12. It's also been reported that the console will be released this autumn.


Whether the Switch Pro's name is a placeholder or not, what we can all agree on (well, most of us) is that we're super excited about the next mainline Zelda game, the follow-up to 2017's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (our greatest game of all time!). That amazing adventure was a launch title for the Switch, and I don't think it's unreasonable to think the next game, first seen during E3 2019, will accompany the launch of the new console. We think it's finished, so, here's hoping we get confirmation of the console and the game real soon - most likely around the other E3-period showcases next month.

In related Switch news, the new Pokémon game, Legends Arceus (which looks amazing), has a release date, and we could yet, one day, see Xbox services on the handheld-hybrid system.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

Topics: Nintendo Switch, E3

Mike Diver
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