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Nintendo’s Bowser Leaves Captain Marvel Fangirling In Twitter Exchange

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Nintendo’s Bowser Leaves Captain Marvel Fangirling In Twitter Exchange

We all love Luigi's Mansion 3, right? The new Switch exclusive is undoubtedly the best game yet to star the other Mario brother in a headline role. And its cute visuals, compelling puzzles and overall high quality - not that we expect anything less from first-party Nintendo games, these days - pushed it to a 9/10 review on these very pages.

And it's not just us normies who love ditching the real world for some Switch escapism, spooky or otherwise, in 2019. Captain Marvel herself, actress Brie Larson - who portrayed the comic character in both her own movie Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame - has revealed she loves Nintendo, and that Luigi has a special place in her heart.

Naturally, Twitter is the platform where this revelation, such as it is, emerged. Larson - who's dabbled with gaming culture somewhat in the past, having starred in the heavily game-influenced Scott Pilgrim vs The World - quote-tweeted a post from Nintendo of America, about Luigi's Mansion 3, with a declaration of "YES PLEASE" (as picked up by Nintendo Life).


But that wasn't the end of it. Noting the actress's tweet, the chief operating officer and president at Nintendo of America, Doug Bowser (yes, really, his name is Bowser... we know, we know), took to the social network to ask the most pertinent question of the moment: Luigi, or Gooigi?

(And if Gooigi means nothing to you, don't worry, we've got you. He's a second playable character in Luigi's Mansion 3, effectively a clone of Luigi but made out of green goo that slops out of the brother's backpack. You use him to bypass traps that'd damage Luigi himself. See? Gooigi. Nailed it.)

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A few days later, Larson acknowledged Bowser's question with a response that we can only describe, shorthand, as some endearing fangirling. And hey, we're right there with you, Brie. If Bowser came and spoke to us, we'd be acting in the same way.


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Larson wrote: "Um you're Doug Bowser and now I'm nervous and um I love Nintendo and Luigi is my favourite character and thank you very much for everything omg!!!!!!!!"

Yes, she really used eight exclamation marks - and a mind-blown emoji - and we're entirely here for it. Check out our video review of Luigi's Mansion 3 below, or on Facebook.

This isn't the first time a famous face - a famous actress, no less - has taken to Twitter to reveal a love of a Nintendo character. Almost exactly a year ago, Lady Gaga - musician, and the star of A Star Is Born - called herself a "secret gamer girl" while talking about beating the fourth chapter of Bayonetta. And no, Bayonetta isn't strictly a Nintendo game; but the titular character's pretty much an exclusive presence on Nintendo's hardware nowadays, so I'm counting it.


Which reminds us, Nintendo: more Bayonetta 3 news when, please?

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