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'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ 8K Resolution Remaster Looks Stunning


'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ 8K Resolution Remaster Looks Stunning

Is there no game from Rockstar Games more deserving of a remaster than Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? This jaw-dropping mod with assistance from artificial intelligence gives us a glimpse of what could be, and what's more, it's free to download.


It's clear that the community is crying out for the game to get some spit and polish to elevate the original experience with the technology of today. Earlier this year, as part of research into which retro title gamers would like to see remastered, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas beat games like Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, and even Bully for the top spot. Furthermore, there are countless remake projects from fans, like this brilliant one in Unreal Engine 4.

"I can't think of a single person that woke up one day as an adult and decided they were wrong to spend so much time playing San Andreas," said Ewan in his retrospective last year. "It remains, in the eyes of all of us, a stone-cold classic - an all-timer whose vast and rich open world feels as miraculous today as it did 16 years ago." The buck stops with the company - literally - but in the meantime, we do have this inspired AI-enhanced mod for San Andreas right here.

Watch it in action, then write a letter to Rockstar Games pining for a return to this awesome game, like you're a desperate damsel waiting for your love to return from war.



It's amazing, isn't it? This is hardly a half-baked endeavour and you can see that modder Grand Theft Auto HD Play has ensured that no nook or cranny of the map goes without a lick of paint. The textures are actually 8K resolution as 4K resolutions were apparently much too "blurry." Given that the PlayStation 5 launched without support for 8K output resolutions, this is one corker of a mod at about 26 GB in size. "My goal was to rise [sic] the quality and definition of these old textures enough to see all details," explained Grand Theft Auto HD Play on YouTube. "I used AI upscale AI sharpen to increase definition Photoshop to reduce artifacts and bad details and noise."

You can get your mitts on the mod here, with part one and part two of the project. Of course, super snazzy mods like these often require a hefty rig to accommodate the technical load on the hardware, even if you're playing an older game. However, there is a way to experience the most exciting next-gen games on your potato of a PC. Sounding too good to be true? Check out our guide to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate right here.

Featured Image Credit: Hossein Diba via ArtStation, Grand Theft Auto HD Play via YouTube

Topics: News, PC, Grand Theft Auto

Imogen Donovan
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