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New Horror Game 'Forewarned' Has You Exploring Haunted Egyptian Tombs

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New Horror Game 'Forewarned' Has You Exploring Haunted Egyptian Tombs

Forewarned is an upcoming horror game that traps you and your friends at the shadowy heart of an Egyptian tomb, and the creatures who inhabit it are not happy about their rude awakening.


Dreambyte Games is only made up of two developers, and what we see of the game at the moment is pretty promising. The concept is very like Phasmophobia, in that it's a multiplayer horror experience where a team of archaeologists are tasked with a dig in the Sahara. Inside the tombs are "cursed" artefacts which were used to seal away the Mejai, who were "powerful warriors blessed with unnaturally long life by the high-priest Harkhuf for the purpose of protecting the pharaoh." Well, thousands of years have passed, and the Egyptians are not needing that thingamajig any longer. It'll look lovely in the museum back home, too, and the fame that will be lavished upon you for discovering this rarity...


Oh, it turns out those "cursed" items really are cursed, and in removing them, you've incurred the wrath of the Mejai who are still walking the dark corridors of the tombs. Cripes. Who could have possibly predicted this? Forewarned is playable solo, but it sounds like the multiplayer will lead to mayhem galore. There are seven Mejai with their own abilities, and as the team stray into the tombs, they will be rewarded with brilliant loot or run the risk of death at the hands of these creatures. However, if you get got, it's not the end of the story. Players could help their friends from beyond the grave, but they will be offered the opportunity to turn coat and serve the Mejai, stalking their ex-colleagues and generally making life miserable for them.


Like I said, it's a situation ripe for hijinks, and I could see Forewarned becoming popular with streamers like Rust or Phasmophobia. Furthermore, the tombs are procedurally generated and the AI is randomised with every playthrough, which will breathe life into every outing. The game will be in early access on Steambefore its release in late 2021, and Dreambyte Games also ensure that PC and VR players will enjoy crossplay. Well, while we wait, why not read about what European explorers really did with the mummies they foundin Egyptian tombs and burial sites? Hint: the answer is not "leave them where they were."

Featured Image Credit: Dreambyte Games

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Imogen Donovan
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