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New Horror 'Mother Hub' Is Fallout Meets Dead Space And I'm Terrified

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New Horror 'Mother Hub' Is Fallout Meets Dead Space And I'm Terrified

Mother Hub, an upcoming first-person shooter influenced by Fallout, Dead Space and Half-Life, is impressing horror fanatics with its dystopian storyline, horrifying creatures and spine-chilling setting. More impressive still is the fact that this is the result of six years of development from a solo creator.


Of course, the oppressive visuals of this post-apocalyptic vault catches your eye firstly, grey and angular. However, the story paints a picture of humanity on the precipice of extinction and willing to go to any lengths to survive, apathetic to whatever the future holds for the species. "A mysterious illness has affected a large majority of the population including your mother," reads the description of the game. "As each day passes she becomes weaker. A glimmer of hope is shown to Thea of a potential cure developed in the distant past. That hope is shrouded in shadow, within the depths of 'Dark Zone'; the unfinished horrifying sections of the lower Mother Hub that were never fully developed and remain as a skeleton holding secrets of the past."

Take a look at the trailer here!



As a courageous teenager, Thea's only option is to enter the Dark Zone to save her mother and everyone else afflicted with the plague. There, she encounters creatures that look like the unholy offspring of Dead Space's necromorphs and Half-Life's headcrabs intent on eradicating the trespasser in their midst. And, it's possible that the player's choices and reactions to other characters will determine the ending that Thea, her mother and the rest of Mother Hub will endure. The atmosphere is wonderful (in a terrible terrifying way) and Mother Hub is causing a stir amongst fans of horror cornerstones like Doom, System Shock, SOMA, and more.

"That looks absolutely phenomenal," said one and countless others have added it to their wishlists. Oh, and if you're a little worried that you'll become lost in the chambers of the Mother Hub, it transpires that Thea might see what remains of Earth outside of the vault. "What a good and exciting question. There [are] definitely some huge mysteries to solve, I don't want to spoil anything for you," continued the developer. O'Dale Studios is aiming for a release on Steam in late 2022 and a demo will be available in February 2022. Watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: O'Dale Studios

Topics: PC, Steam, Dead Space, Fallout

Imogen Donovan
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