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New Alien Game Is Like A Cross Between 'Destroy All Humans!' And 'State of Decay'


New Alien Game Is Like A Cross Between 'Destroy All Humans!' And 'State of Decay'

One of the greatest things about loving games is that rush of excitement that comes with the reveal of a new title that looks so good. And, maybe, just maybe, Drake's Odds: Survive is shaping up to be a game in that category. One to get us buzzing in all the right places.


But hey, let's not get too ahead of ourselves here. The pre-alpha-stage Drake's Odds: Survive has only just lifted the veil on itself, and in a lot of ways seems to fit the survival game mould that's long been established. Harsh environments, unforgiving enemies, an open-world of challenge and opportunity. The twist: you're an alien in a very literal sense.

Watch the gameplay video below, for a peek at what this game has to offer...



KaleJump's new game casts the player as a very traditional-looking, Destroy All Humans!-evocative little grey humanoid - the space invader, rather than a defender against them. You can forge alliances with the native humans, to combat other, rather more hostile aliens; or try to go it alone and treat all others as your enemies.

Your unique alien powers include the ability to possess NPCs - but there's a catch. Earth's conditions have dulled your extra-terrestrial abilities. KaleJump's official website for Drake's Odd: Survive hints that there's a special substance on this spinning ball of mud and the wet stuff, though, which will recharge our alien hero up nicely.

Base-building, item-crafting and vehicle use will be a part of Drake's Odds: Survive, from what we can tell; and the game's map will stretch to 64 kilometers squared. Gameplay is set for both PvE and PvP, and the game's aiming to launch in early access, via PC/Steam, in early 2022. If a State of Decay-ish alien survive 'em up romp was on anyone's new-game bingo card, please go ahead and pop a cross in that box.

Featured Image Credit: KaleJump Games

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