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Gamer Celebrates One Year Waiting For RTX 3080 By Sending Retailer A Cake

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Gamer Celebrates One Year Waiting For RTX 3080 By Sending Retailer A Cake

Given the upheaval that the pandemic has caused across countries and industries, sometimes you've got to have a sense of humour about your setbacks. Like this guy, who sent a cake to the retailer that he ordered his RTX 3080 from to celebrate one year without it being sent to him.


The GeForce 30 series was revealed in September 2020, if you can believe it, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the components are widely available. The global chip shortage impacted the technology industries massively, with heavy-hitters like Apple, Google and Samsung snapping up the semiconductors leaving Sony, Microsoft and Nvidia without.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies also meant that a huge number of GPUs were used in dedicated rigs rather than the platforms they were intended for. So, fast forward to September 2021, and you've still got a lot of grumpy gamers without the graphics cards that would elevate their games to the next level.

This guy who sent an adorable anniversary cake to the store that he ordered his RTX 3080 from, though, didn't let the worldwide issues rain on his parade.


Get a load of this incredible (and incredibly expensive) PC build which will set you back $15,000. Cor. Skyrim better have giants that actually batter me into the stratosphere for that money.


This story actually comes from a cake company in Poland, namely E-Torty, which will deliver confections of all sorts and for all occasions anywhere in the country. While the majority of their customers use their services for birthdays, messages of congratulations, or just acts of kindness, they received an odd request from a gamer who wanted to send a cake to the store where they'd purchased their RTX 3080.


Exactly 365 days had passed since their order for the graphics card had been completed yet the gamer didn't have the component in their hands, as a result of those aforementioned issues. "He decided to look back at the company and sent them a cake with 'One year together' printed, order number and a photo of the long-awaited graphics card," read the translation of the post.

E-Torty said this was one of the funniest custom orders they've ever received, and miraculously enough, it was only a few days after the cake was sent that the gamer finally got his RTX 3080. So, there's a strategy for you. Send a cake to Sony, get a PS5? It's worth a shot.

Featured Image Credit: e-torty.pl via Facebook

Topics: PC, Nvidia

Imogen Donovan
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