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New Game 'Interlakes' Shows Gameplay, Is Basically 'War Of The Worlds'


New Game 'Interlakes' Shows Gameplay, Is Basically 'War Of The Worlds'

Survival games come in all sorts of flavours. Environmental collapse, zombie apocalypse, alternate timelines, Burton-esque nightmares...however, Interlakes looks like it will transport you into War Of The Worlds, pitting humans against terrifying alien forces.


From developer Team Revived, the game has been in the works for approximately two years already, and counts games like Half-Life 2 and The Last of Us among its inspirations. Though it isn't ready yet, the gameplay shows promise with picturesque rural environments before the enormous Tripod rears its glowing eye. These are the antagonists of Interlakes and the resemblance to the machines that the Martians use in the novel cannot be denied.

Honestly, the encounter between the protagonist and the Tripod is a very good example of where games intensify elements of an experience - as a viewer, watching the machine cross entire fields and catch up with a speeding car in a few fluid movements is scary. Actually playing that segment and seeing the legs puncture the tarmac either side of the flimsy vehicle you're housed inside is quite another matter. I know I would be panicking in that situation, so it's impressive that this work in progress has already achieved this feeling.

Check Interlakes out in action below:


What's more is that the Tripods are able to shoot a devastating laser from their eye, grab cars and debris with their tentacles and throw them at fleeing humans and stomp on people and vehicles. I'd give them a wide berth if I were you. Unfortunately, the player will need to contend with hostile human groups as well as evading detection by the aliens. Surviving by being savvy and looting what's been left behind in evacuated houses will be the key to seeing the sun rise on another day in this world.

With a weather system and dynamic day and night cycle, Team Revived explained that the nights will be more dangerous than the days, but didn't expand further on why this would be the case. It's possible that weather would affect the protagonist - if cold rainy days mean a higher burn rate of calories and so finding enough food would be a priority - and might be used to their advantage.


"Nothing in this video is finalized and graphics, models and gameplay elements are subject to much change and improvement. Main character is also temporary and may change in future," explained the developer in the description of the YouTube video. "As always our main focus will be on making better gameplay." So, to sci fi fans everywhere, stay tuned for more on this exciting survival game.

Featured Image Credit: Team Revived

Topics: News, PC, The Last Of Us

Imogen Donovan
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