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'Nioh' Is Free To Download Right Now, Here's How To Get It

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'Nioh' Is Free To Download Right Now, Here's How To Get It

Nioh, the dark samurai hack-and-slash game from Team Ninja, is free to download for a limited time. If you're a fan of Ghost Of Tsushima, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Dark Souls, then you won't want to miss out on this giveaway.


Twisting the historical setting of medieval Japan into a gorgeous yet grim fantasy, the story follows William Adams. The civil war has attracted yokai that feed off the chaos and devastation, and William must battle both human enemies and demons to stop an evil sorcerer's attempt to take over the world. Combat is a mixture of balancing different stances that have different advantages and maintaining the character's Ki which allows him to dodge and sprint out of the way of attacks.

Guardian Spirits also offer boons in the form of ghostly animals with elemental damage and resistance for William to use against his enemies. Oh, and he was a real person, by the way. The sailor's impressive knowledge of ships and mathematics saved his skin when the first shogun of Japan imprisoned him and his crew after arriving in Kyushu. So that's quite cool.

Feast your eyes on the awesome gameplay here, with terrifying yokai, gorgeous settings, and incredible samurai skills!



It's actually the Complete Edition of Nioh that Epic Games is giving away, which is splendid. This parcels the expansions Dragon of the North, Defiant Honor and Bloodshed's End in with the game, as well as an exclusive Fujin Helmet available from a shrine once you start it up. Usually, Nioh Complete Edition would cost you £40, so snapping this copy up is a cake-walk.

Sheltered is the second game that is free to grab on the Epic Games Store right now, and gives players the task of looking after their family in a bunker after an apocalypse strikes the Earth. It looks a lot like a pixel Fallout Shelter, and your family members will develop different strengths and weaknesses over the course of their survival. The deal expires on September 16th, so be sure to pencil in a reminder somewhere before the promotion disappears.


And, if you like gratis games (and who doesn't?), Far Cry 3 is free for PC players for another two days. Hop to it, as some call this the very best title in the established shooter series.

Featured Image Credit: Team Ninja

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Imogen Donovan
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