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Stunningly Realistic Open-World RPG 'Medieval Dynasty' Is Basically 'Age Of Empires' Meets 'Minecraft'

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Stunningly Realistic Open-World RPG 'Medieval Dynasty' Is Basically 'Age Of Empires' Meets 'Minecraft'

Like it or not, we're clearly going to be waiting a long time for Bethesda to drop The Elder Scrolls VI into our laps. Naturally, that means you'll be wanting a substantial open-world RPG to dive into and fill the void in the meantime. There are plenty of truly stunning contenders to choose from, but one that really caught my eye recently is Medieval Dynasty.

Developed by Render Cube and Toplitz Productions, Medieval Dynasty is best described as an open world RPG/world-building sim somewhere between Age Of Empires and Minecraft, with a dash of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. To be clear, you won't be fighting dragons and magical demons in this game. The focus instead lies in purely historical exploration and crafting as you work to grow your own kingdom.

Take a look at the trailer below.


"You are in the role of a poor but skilled hunter and farmer set to take his fate into own hands," reads the Steam description. "Start building a small outpost in the medieval world and develop it into a bustling village."

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"Discover the wide-open world of the Middle Ages with all its dangers and mysteries. Hunt and cultivate your land, build your home and expand your village into a flourishing medieval town. Rule and care for your people and secure your place in history by founding your own dynasty."

Players will have to juggle hunting and caring for the land around them, all while gathering resources to craft upgrades, build, and expand their villages into mighty dynasties. Caring for the other villagers and making sure everybody has what they need to live their best medieval lives also factors into gameplay.

Medieval Dynasty / Credit:  Toplitz Productions
Medieval Dynasty / Credit: Toplitz Productions

Other features include a full four seasons with unique weather conditions to contend with, and a massive open world to explore on your quest for resources. There are also unique gameplay moments where players will have to make choices that impact gameplay, as well as a detailed skill tree, "realistic" wildlife interaction, and quests to get stuck into.

Toplitz Productions has confirmed that Medieval Dynasty is making its way to Steam Early Access on September 17th, so be sure to dive in and check it out when it arrives.

Featured Image Credit: Toplitz Productions

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