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Valve Has A Plan To Prevent Scalpers From Buying Steam Deck Stock


Valve Has A Plan To Prevent Scalpers From Buying Steam Deck Stock

Scalpers, right? Doesn't matter whether it's PlayStation 5 consoles or new GPUs, fresh trainers or flippin' Transformers toys - these days, if something's likely to be in demand, a hot item, a 'must-have', a cavalcade of ratbags will snaffle a truckload of them with the express intention of selling them on for vastly inflated sums. If you've experienced the pain of trying to buy a PS5 in 2021, you know what I'm talking about.


Valve's announcement of a new, portable device - the Steam Deck - has inevitably had many potential buyers sighing at the inevitability of it going the way of the PS5. Which is to say: bulk quantities snagged by aftermarket sellers who'll bump its £349 basic-model asking price way up. However, Valve thinks it has a solution that'll prevent that from happening.

Check out the Steam Deck in our video, below...



As PC Gamer reports, anyone attempting to register a heap of new Steam accounts as a way to sell multiple Steam Decks on simply will not be allowed to. Each Steam Deck pre-order will be attached to a Steam account that will need to have made a purchase on the platform from before June 2021. This is, says Valve, a measure necessary to "ensure a fair ordering process".

The prior-purchase rule will be in place for 48 hours, following Steam Deck pre-orders going live on Friday July 16 at 10am Pacific time (oh, so, today then). Users will also have to put down a five dollar deposit to secure their pre-order, another measure designed at keeping pre-orders connected to accounts. Steam Decks will also only be available on a basis of one per Steam account holder. Here's the pre-order page.

We'll see if this goes a long way to combatting the risk of scalpers getting loads of Steam Decks and then charging over the odds. It certainly seems like a better system than the nothing-at-all that Sony and Xbox put in place for their new-gen console rollouts - but then, these are very different machines aimed at very different audiences.


In Valve-related news, a movie based on the Portal games is currently in production, and as interesting as Steam Deck might look, there's still the distinct possibility of Steam games coming to consoles, too.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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Mike Diver
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