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Steam Hits Record-Breaking Peak Of 20 Million Concurrent Users

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Steam Hits Record-Breaking Peak Of 20 Million Concurrent Users

More and more people are remaining at home over the last week, whether that's to self-isolate or to just cut down on unnecessary trips to reduce the risk of picking up the coronavirus (COVID-19). And if you're foregoing a trip to the pub or an outing with friends, it's only natural that you might turn to gaming to help occupy your time.

This certainly seems true for PC owners as this weekend saw a whopping (and record-breaking) 20 million concurrent users on Steam. That's over 1.1 million more than the previous record that we reported last month. And while February's peak didn't appear to be for any particular reason or because of one specific game, it's hard to imagine that yesterday's record-breaking user count could be due to anything other than the knock-on effects of the coronavirus. And that's certainly what SteamDB has put it down to.

As you can see from the tweet above, only (only!) 6.2 million of those users were actually playing a game at the time. And at the time of writing this article, Steam's concurrent users are sitting at just over 18.6 million which is just over the record set two years ago which was broken inexplicably last month. And for the curious, the top three games being played currently are CS:GO, Dota 2, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.


As PC Gamer points out, Call of Duty: Warzone isn't available through Steam and uses Blizzard's Battlenet launcher instead. So the popularity of that particular battle royale can't even be attributed to the sudden increase, which was last reported at an impressive 15 million players across all platforms since its release last week.

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In related news, there is further speculation that next-gen consoles are likely to be delayed because of the coronavirus, according to a report from the games industry research firm, DFC Intelligence.

And on a slightly happier note, Japanese students have been hosting and attending their own graduation ceremonies in Minecraft as the traditional events couldn't go ahead as their schools have been shut down for the last two weeks.


So if you are stuck at home and you've been guiltily eyeing up your console (or PC) for a quick round or three of Call of Duty: Warzone - or whichever game is your current poison - the good news is you're not the only one.

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