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PlayStation Now Has A Franchise Page On Steam For ‘Days Gone’


PlayStation Now Has A Franchise Page On Steam For ‘Days Gone’

PlayStation has made moves into the PC sphere, bringing titles like Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn to the platform through Steam. It appears like it has no intention of curtailing its re-releases for PC, as a franchise page for "PlayStation" has been created on the digital storefront.


Do you remember when Sony announced that Horizon Zero Dawn would no longer be exclusive to PlayStation 4? Unfortunately, I do. There was an outcry of angry gamers who couldn't believe that the company had turned their back on them, after they had supported the product and its software in the endless (and insignificant) war between PlayStation and Xbox. Someone ended up smashing their PC to show their rage, in an unnecessary performance of grief over a video game that would be available to new players and possible new friends. Oh, the humanity. Also, may I add that this was three years after the game was released for PlayStation 4. This was hardly a heel-face-turn on the part of Sony, and it remained unruffled by these emotions.

"We will explore expanding our first-party titles to the PC platform, in order to promote further growth in our profitability," said the company in late 2020, having announced that Death Stranding and Detroit: Become Human would leap over to PC as well as the acclaimed action-adventure following Aloy of the Nora. In case you haven't heard, Days Gone is going to join the collection in less than a month's time, and like Horizon Zero Dawn, it will receive oodles of exciting exclusive features for its PC port. Seriously, take a gander at the gameplay below because it is glorious.



So, while it isn't known what number of its first-party and third-party exclusives will be brought to Steam, it does look like a sizable quantity may make the jump. If you go to either Horizon Zero Dawn or Days Gone's Steam listing and scroll, you'll see that their "franchise" is "PlayStation Studios." Click on that and you're brought to an empty placeholder page. Curious, isn't it? Why create a whole new entry for just two games? People searching for either Horizon Zero Dawn or Days Gone are likely to know that they were PlayStation titles originally. If I were to let my imagination run off with itself, I would say that Sony has a plan to add to this "franchise" with even more of its exclusives over the course of 2021.

Ok, there's only one game on your mind right now, having read that, and I'll just say it and get it over with. Bloodborne. The gothic horror game has been touted to become a PC title for some time now, and Ghost Of Tsushima and God Of War have recently been rumoured to be receiving the PC port treatment. Of course, it's tough to say seeing as Sony won't show its hand when it comes to announcements, but this new entry on Steam does put a smile on our faces. We'll let you know as and when we learn more.

Featured Image Credit: Bend Studio, Guerrilla Games

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Imogen Donovan
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