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Meet Sirenhead, The 'Fallout 4' Mod That Will Give You Nightmares

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Meet Sirenhead, The 'Fallout 4' Mod That Will Give You Nightmares

If you're a fan of Fallout 4 and you enjoy the disturbing and creepy atmosphere of the Silent Hill games, you're in for a treat with this Fallout 4 mod. Even if you've never played either of those titles, you can still appreciate the utterly horrifying visage of the Slender Man-esque Sirenhead.


The mod in question, Whispering Hills, brings the world of Silent Hill to Fallout 4, taking the normal sounds of the game and replacing them with the creepy ones from Silent Hill, as well as adding a number of different foggy weather conditions. You will also be occasionally pulled into the underworld, Silent Hill style and will "face ghouls, Silent Hill nurses, Twin Head Screamers and dogs chasing after you". You can check out the mod in action below, thanks to Youtuber, CallMeArktag (via PC Gamer). Click here for a direct link to the video.

This honestly justifies why fields full of wind turbines make me uneasy - Sirenhead is like a warning of what might happen should things like that become sentient. Not content with being inhumanly tall, it has ridiculously long arms that it swings around to take out anyone that comes too close. But its most disturbing qualities are the twin loudspeakers that are attached to either side of his head, blaring out warnings, static, and, unsurprisingly, sirens. And yes, that includes the air-raid sirens that anyone familiar with the Silent Hill games has come to dread.


While Sirenhead shows up in the Whispering Hills mod, it's actually the work of Trevor Henderson, who specialises in horror artwork. It seems that Sirenhead was first dreamt up several years ago and he's even got a fact sheet on his Twitter account if you were curious as to the specifics of his unsettling creation.

If all this talk of Sirenhead, Silent Hill and air raid sirens going off has you feeling a bit jumpy, there's a much gentler Fallout 4 mod that lets you pet as many dogs as you like, at least until you start feeling a little better. Alternatively, if this has put you in the mood for more horror, you might be pleased to know that Konami is looking into a new entry for the Silent Hill series.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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Sarah James
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