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‘Valheim’ Breaks Half A Million Concurrent Players On Steam


‘Valheim’ Breaks Half A Million Concurrent Players On Steam

Coffee Stain Publishing's Viking survival game Valheim, only released intro early access on February 2nd, has reached another incredibly impressive milestone, following the weekend news that it's now passed three million copies sold.


PC Gamer reports that Valheim achieved a concurrent player peak of just over half a million on Sunday, February 21st - making it one of very few titles on Steam to achieve such a feat. PC Gamer's stated concurrent peak of 502,000 means that Valheim is only surpassed, in terms of simultaneous users, by CS:GO (which achieved over a million in March 2020) and Dota 2. Seriously, that seems to be it, in terms of better-performing games.

At least, that's according to Steam Charts data - and on there, Valheim is listed as achieving 498,478 concurrent players, actually just short of the reported half-mil. But whether the game sneaked over 500k or not is pretty moot, here: Valheim is massive right now, huh.



But what's the game all about, I hear you ask? (I can't actually hear you, you understand. Pure lockdown scenes right now. Haven't left my house in forever.) Set in a procedurally generated world, Valheim - developed by Iron Gate AB - tasks players with braving countless challenges either solo or in co-op, including the conquering of enormous bosses and the exploration of all-new lands. Players can sail, build homesteads, farm, drink mead 'til they're sick (probably), hunt local wildlife... it's a survival game, you get the idea.

Reads the game's Steam description: "Your trials begin at the disarmingly peaceful centre of Valheim, but the gods reward the brave and glory awaits. Venture forth through imposing forests and snow-capped mountains, explore and harvest more valuable materials to craft deadlier weapons, sturdier armor, viking strongholds and outposts. Build a mighty longship and sail the great oceans in search of exotic lands ... but be wary of sailing too far..."

What makes Valheim's success all the more notable is its makers: Iron Gate AB is a tiny studio, based in Sweden, with only five full-time members of staff. For such a release to be a bigger deal than established juggernauts like GTA Online and PUBG is quite, quite the achievement. Bravo, team. Bravo.


The game's devs recently commented: "Our inboxes are filled to the brims with fantastic feedback and suggestions and we are overjoyed to see how engaged our community is in Valheim's development." And Iron Gate AB has a raft of updates on the way in 2021, which you can read about here. So there's every chance that Valheim's successes so far are just the beginning of something even bigger.

Featured Image Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

Topics: Steam, Valheim

Mike Diver
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