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PC Wins Award For "Ultimate Hardware Of All-Time"

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PC Wins Award For "Ultimate Hardware Of All-Time"

In case you missed it, the Golden Joystick Awards happened on November 23. The main theme of this year was looking back on 50 years of gaming history and celebrating the best of the best. As part of the theme, the Golden Joysticks decided to award a piece of hardware with the title of Ultimate Hardware Of All-Time, and you’ve read the title to this piece, so you already know it’s the PC. 


The PC, the personal computer. Though people may have thought that the Xbox 360, the PS2, or maybe the Wii would be the best consoles of all time, they can’t really compete with the PC. Though there are millions of variations in what the PC is to each and every gamer, the hardware as a category has shaped gaming more than any other bit of tech. It’s where the height of esports is played, it’s used to develop games, and before many people had the option to own consoles, they’d play on their parents’ computers. It just makes sense that the PC is the ultimate gaming hardware.

Oh and who better to accept such an award than the father of PC gaming himself, Gabe Newell. I mean Gabe might not have made the hardware itself but he’s definitely the person a lot of people think of when it comes to Steam - PC’s largest digital storefront and has acted as Valve’s president for a long old time. If there is anyone that represents PC gaming, it’s Gabe. And I personally find some satisfaction that the Golden Joysticks producers put him next to a massive red Valve wheel to accept the prize. It looks like the one you see on the back of the head before Valve’s games - a nice little Easter Egg there. 

And as PC Gamer notes, even this new-gen era of consoles are doing all they can to integrate with PC. More and more PlayStation exclusives are appearing on Steam and don’t get me started on the massive push for Xbox to mean more than a console. That’s it, PC wins.

Featured Image Credit: Sharad Kachhi via Unsplash / Gabe Newell via The Golden Joystick Awards

Topics: Valve, PC, Steam

Imogen Mellor
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