Somebody Made And Sold A Cardboard PlayStation 5 For $400

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Upon the launch of a new generation of gaming, the weirdest and wackiest stories come to light. So, with no further ado, someone made the PlayStation 5 out of cardboard and paint and sold it on eBay for $399.99.

No doubt about it, the PlayStation 5 packs a real punch. Launched in select regions last week, the gizmo supports 4K resolutions and 120 frames per second, which looks absolutely glorious on titles like Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Even the system's menu is a thing of beauty, and the DualSense offers revolutionary immersive features, with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback that react to what's going on in the game. That's not even mentioning the fact that the console is as quiet as a mouse while running these technically demanding titles.

But, I'll tell you what has the PlayStation 5 beat when it comes to fan noise. It's this cardboard replica of the console. Because there is no fan. Because it is not a working unit. Oh yes, this baby will be totally silent on start up and on shut down, seeing as it doesn't do either of those. The listing is a very crafty and creative representation of Sony's prodigal son.

The cardboard PS5 with its cardboard controller / Credit: mckanmille0 on eBay

The cardboard panels have been painted white, but they are missing the studded symbols all over the sides. These panels, that are more utilitarian in design and lose the sweeping curves of the original, are glued onto a painted inner part. This black section has two "ports" on the back, and the upper parts of the white panels do lean outwards slightly. Whether this was intentional or a happy coincidence of the runniness of the glue towards the edges of the cardboard is unknown. Last but not least, it includes a print-out of the DualSense glued onto another piece of cardboard.

The cardboard PS5 / Credit: mckanmille0 on eBay

The seller says creating the replica took them three hours, and laments in the description that they likely won't be able to afford a real PlayStation 5. I'm only guessing here, but it's possible that the seller made the replica and set it at the price point of Sony's gadget, so that some kind soul would buy it and so afford them the opportunity to purchase the real version of the console. Well, folks, that's exactly what happened. Someone out there bought the cardboard console, and the seller now has the money to buy their own (functional) PlayStation 5.

You love to see it. In other "Wholesome News," gamers have been popping the question to their partners as part of the PlayStation 5's launch. Reddit user benvegan and their partner picked up their consoles at midnight, along with physical copies of Demon's Souls, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and "A Ben And Jolene Adventure: Will You Marry Me?" Very adorable, and of course, they said "yes."

Featured Image Credit: mckanmille0 on eBay, GAMINGbible

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