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'Black Ops Cold War' Cross-Gen Play Will Stunt PS5 Loading Times

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'Black Ops Cold War' Cross-Gen Play Will Stunt PS5 Loading Times

As we come to the end of one console generations and move onto the next, we all know that Sony and Microsoft won't just suddenly stop supporting the old consoles now the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series is out - they still live on for a few years. This generation developers are continuing to support older tech by allowing cross-gen play, which makes some of the new-gen's tech a little redundant.


For FPS players that means Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will load incredibly quickly if you're playing on PlayStation 5, but you have to wait for everyone else to catch up. You'll have to sit through the same loading times as everyone else because they're not up to your speed yet.

First reported by Push Square, this problem is going to plague everyone who is using crossplay, which means that PlayStation 5s aren't going to feel much faster on multiplayer games if this feature is enabled. Slightly annoying for some, but it's also completely understandable as it's not a good idea to separate the two pools of players.

Although it's a small blessing, the campaign for Black Ops Cold War won't have any of these cross-gen issues, being single-player and all. It's a shame the campaign is a bit short though as we were wanting more, but all those details are in our Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War review.



There isn't much word on if you can disable cross-gen play yet but it seems like an unlikely move for Activision to take away a feature that makes matchmaking easier, and allows people to easily play with friends. We'll have to see when cross-gen becomes less essential to multiplayer games, how fast loading will really make a difference to everyone's games. Until then, we're just a little stuck with the loading times of last-gen while we wait for everyone to catch up.

Featured Image Credit: Activision / Sony

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