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'Days Gone' Actor Confirms He's Currently Working On A New Video Game

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'Days Gone' Actor Confirms He's Currently Working On A New Video Game

Sam Witwer, the actor who plays Deacon St John in the (formerly) PlayStation exclusive Days Gone, has announced via Reddit that he's working on a new video game. But it's highly unlikely that it's a sequel to the 2019 motorcycles-and-Freakers title.


Participating in a Reddit AMA, Witwer answered several questions including ones related to his role as Darth Maul in Star Wars Battlefront II. We know (well, we think) that a third Battlefront entry is in development right now - but this new gig that Witwer mentions probably isn't that, either.

The next big PlayStation exclusive is Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - check out a preview video, below...



When asked for his favourite line as Darth Maul, the actor replied: "I rather like the pitch Maul gave to Ahsoka. 'Too late for what? The Republic to fall? It already has and you just can't see it. There is no justice, no law, no order, except for the one who will replace it. The time of the Jedi has passed. They cannot defeat Sidious. But together, you and I can.' Yes. I still remember the line. That's how you know it's a good line."

When asked for his favourite memory of working on Days Gone - a game that isn't currently likely to get a sequel, despite a petition asking Sony to consider one - Witwer said:

"Ya know, it was four years of a lot of fun. Well, the last three years were fun. The first year I felt off balance because we were trying things. Should the characters be funny and action-movie-quippy? Should Deacon be like an Old-West gunfighter who doesn't talk much? Should he be Kurt Russell? And we (and Sony) finally settled on trying to make Deacon a credible post-apocalypse bounty hunter... who is also a biker. So that meant steering things more in the direction of - well, ya know what it reminded me of? Shooting The Mist. In The Mist, the characters ain't having much fun. The drama is that the world around them is constantly trying to eat them. Days Gone ain't much different. We tried to make it like that."

Days Gone / Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment, Bend Studio
Days Gone / Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment, Bend Studio

The Mist that Witwer refers to here is the 2007 movie adaptation of the Stephen King novel, in which he played Wayne Jessup (RIP), rather than the 2017 television show. And as for that new gaming project? He didn't reveal much when asked, "Any gaming project you'll be involved in for the near future?" But this is what he wrote:

"Welllll... the short answer is yes. However, I cannot be more specific than that at this time. I will say that Days Gone helped me land this new gig. It's kinda unlike anything I've done just yet."


Time will tell, then - but "unlike anything I've done" suggests it's not a sequel, right? Regarding Days Gone, the game is now out on PC, as well as PS4, so anyone who only games on a home computer can check it out. (It sure does look amazing.) And it's worth checking out this impressive player of the game, too, who can take out a swarm of zombie-like Freakers without firing a single bullet.

And it's also worth looking at the Reddit AMA itself, as Witwer also talks about how it can be "cost prohibitive" to cast the right people for the right roles; and how he thinks some reviewers didn't play Days Gone enough to really see it in the best light. "They do NOT take their time, they do NOT play the game on the terms the game presents," he wrote. Which isn't all that true of how reviewers did cover the game, but all the same: yeesh.

Featured Image Credit: Bend Studio/SIE, Sam Witwer via Twitter

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