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Don't Listen To Your PlayStation 5 When It Tells You To Do This


Don't Listen To Your PlayStation 5 When It Tells You To Do This

If you're one of the lucky few out there who've got a PlayStation 5 at home, you may have noticed that the console's not shy about telling you when your controller is about to die. Only, is it, really? According to the very good people at PushSquare, it might be that your PS5 is telling porky-pies.


The PlayStation-centric site has covered a Reddit post where it's claimed that when the PlayStation 5 says your DualSense's battery is in desperate need of a top-up, it's actually only about 50% drained. You cheeky lil console, you, always wanting more when you've had your fill.

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Reddit user dospaquetes writes: "I timed my gaming sessions over the last few days, and noted at what point the PS5 would say I have low battery. Overall there's around 11-12 hours of continuous gaming battery life, and the PS5 told me my controller's battery is getting low around 6 hours in. This was all done while mainly playing Returnal which runs the haptics HARD. No headphones though, that will drain it a little faster still."

Responding, another user adds, "Yeah something is not quite right with the battery indicator." But not everyone agrees with the OP, with one user writing, "This is the complete opposite of my experience. On the PS4 it would give me a low battery warning and I still had a good hour or two left. When the PS5 says low battery it means it. Dead within 30 minutes."

Now, I don't yet have a PS5 so I can't put this to the test - but I do know that on my Switch, when it says oh no the battery's nearly gone, is it tho? Says PushSquare of the matter: "While we can't corroborate the exact numbers, we tend to agree that the next-gen console's battery indicator is busted." So, PS5 players, bear that in mind and take the appropriate action, as you see fit. I'm sure you'll quickly work out for yourself how much juice is left in your own pad, when the indicator pops up. Maybe some, maybe loads.


In related PS5 news, the next God of War is not exclusive to the console, and will also release for PlayStation 4 in 2022; and Horizon Forbidden West has a few tricks up its sleeves that only PS5 players will get to enjoy.

Featured Image Credit: Dennis Cortés via Unsplash

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Mike Diver
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