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DualSense Controller Dock Looks Like A Baby PlayStation 5

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DualSense Controller Dock Looks Like A Baby PlayStation 5

There's nothing better than things that come in miniature sizes right? As a kid a normal Mars Bar is great, but two mini Mars Bars are better. The same, in our opinion, applies to mini things in all parts of life including the PlayStation 5.


Don't get us wrong, our PlayStation 5 review is glowing. We're sort of in love. But what makes the PlayStation 5's appearance infinitely better is having a tiny PlayStation 5 next to it to charge your controller. That's right, the PlayStation controller dock looks like the PS5 but downsized and it's too cute.

It really looks like the crewmate and baby crewmate pairing in Among Us, doesn't it? The way this little baby version of the PlayStation sits nicely next to your big one will be adorable once we get around to receiving our units.

A slight downside to this design is that it has to be laid down for you to place two controllers to charge so when you're using it you're not going to get the full effect of the likeness. However, if you have friends come round and you want to show off the likeness between the parent and child, it's very easy to do so. We know that's what we're going to be doing.


The controllers that will sit on the dock though, are just as cool as the dock itself. The DualSense controllers with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers really immerse you in the games you're playing in. And so far, they're the best when playing Astro's Playground.

It's no surprise that Sony has worked long and hard on improving the quality of all things on its new console but if you want to know what they've really done right read our PlayStation 5 review for more information.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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