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'Dying Light 2' Devs Tease "Hundreds" Of Hours Of Gameplay

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'Dying Light 2' Devs Tease "Hundreds" Of Hours Of Gameplay

Dying Light 2 is packed with content for its players to peruse and developer Techland is confident that you’ll sink hundreds and thousands of hours into what remains of the City following the ravages of the apocalypse. 


Given the longevity of Dying Light, this claim does have a bit of backing to it. Released in 2015, the survival horror title got a season pass with three DLCs — Cuisine & Cargo, Ultimate Survivor Bundle and The Bozak Horde were all out before the first half of the year was up. As well as these, there were continual live events and challenges, and Techland gave away the source development tool for the game which then let players create their own settings and stories. Some of these even made it into the console release of the game in 2016. 

The Following… followed one year on from the game’s original launch and offered a new story campaign, controllable vehicles, and a world that was equal in size to all the Dying Light maps together. Plus, there’s now the next-gen patch for those on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. What I’m trying to say here is Techland doesn’t do things in half-measures. So, it is likely that Dying Light 2 is going to get the same support, which is music to the ears of players. 

Take a look at the anticipated sequel in action below!



Speaking to MP1st, lead designer Tymon Smektala praised the efforts of the team who are ensuring that the divergent decisions in the game are appropriately affecting. However, in the co-op mode, it will be the leader of that session who chooses which path the story takes. 

“Let’s imagine it’s your session and you invite me to play with you and I play with you and we come to a point where there is a decision to be made. So what I can do – of course besides screaming at you on the headset – is that we have some solutions that allow me to kind of vote or suggest to you what I would choose,” explained Smektala. “You make the decision, all of us get to see that outcome and that decision stays in your save game and you will complete the game in your own canon version of the experience.”


“For me the optimal way to play the game is first to play by yourself or with your friends, but as the host, and get your version of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, and then hop online and start joining other people and start experiencing all of the other variations the game has to offer,” continued the lead designer, mentioning the branching elements that the sequel has over the original. “My personal bet on this is that I will bet $1000 that this will be appreciated by the gamers and give them the meaning to play the game for hundreds, and thousands of hours.”

Unfortunately, it’s difficult not to associate Dying Light 2 with the report published earlier this year that claimed there is an "autocratic" and "toxic" culture at Techland. "Whenever an expert starts advising things that are not aligned with the board's agenda, they slowly get isolated from the project and responsibilities," said one anonymous source, adding that employees are expected to be “subservient.”

Featured Image Credit: Techland

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